Porn for couples

Is it OK to watch porn as a couple? A little advice about enjoying adult videos together Yesterday I had a conversation with a 40-something coworker of mine, let’s call her Mary for obvious privacy reasons. Her husband was at his best friend’s accountant studio and, seeing him intensely focused on his phone, couldn’t resist asking him what kind of interesting video was he watching. This episode deeply shocked Mary, who couldn’t stop yelling at me: ‘Have you understood? Our accountant was wat

Bondara Essentials Chocolate Lubricant Review | Flavoured Lube Reviews

Well, let’s first admit I am really into kissable/edible sex essentials, not only lube but also massage oils, body paint, flavoured lip glosses and clitoral balms. Not only because I’m blatantly someone who REALLY loves food – and sweet food, sadly, is on the top ten of my favourites – but also because I feel they really bring new sensations to sex: they make me salivate more with obvious advantages that I leave to your imagination, and they bring a sense of newness and fantasy that is always we

Allure Lingerie Kitten Lace And Wet Look Halter Teddy Review (One Size)

It’s review time again here at Pleasure Panel labs, and this time the object of my attention is a sultry, seductive piece of lingerie: the Allure Lingerie Kitten Lace And Wet Look Halter Teddy. I was instantly seduced by the high cut that highlights the hips, making any figure look curvier, and by the wet look details: I thought this was a great opportunity to try how comfortable really is the ‘4-way stretch’ material used by this fetish-wear manufacturer I kept my eyes on for a while, before i

LELO Mia Vibrator Review | LELO Sex Toy Reviews

Well, let’s admit first that as a Literature student I could never afford a LELO for myself, but I got the LELO Mia Vibrator in purple as a gift from a girlfriend who’s in the industry of sex toys! The first thing that I noticed when opening my LELO Mia Vibrator gift box was how really luxurious the packaging is. Total black, minimalistic but with a luxurious feel that makes you feel like you are revealing a jewel instead of a vibrator. The most useful feature of this little thing for me and

The top 3 sex toys every beginner couple should try!

The top 3 sex toys every beginner couple should try! Glamour designs, feminine colors and body-safe materials: the sex toy industry has today extended its horizons to create no more only intimidating huge fake cocks, but also product that can categorize more as sexual wellness aids rather than pornographic material. This means that most toys on the market nowadays are not only feminine and aesthetic, but they can also be very discreet: many of my vibrators have been mistaken for beauty devices

Can you be a strong, independent woman while in a Daddy/babygirl relationship?

Can you be a strong, independent woman while in a Daddy/babygirl relationship? Honestly, I didn't even imagine that the word babygirl could be related to any kinky, BDSM topic until stumbling across some post on the web talking about it years ago. It has always just been part of my own nature and of my relationship with the man that now I am proud to call Daddy. Since then, connecting with the online fetish community has been really empowering to me: my crazy desire for cuddles at any give

Guest Post - A Babygirl’s Thoughts About Rough Sex : Miss Doll

I am delighted to be able to introduce the amazing Miss Doll from . Miss Doll Adult copywriter, sex toy tester and sex positive blogger. After my classical studies, I decided to use my writing skills to help women smash the taboos that prevent them to live their sex lives to the fullest, and to make better, more informed choices about their sexuality and the pleasure products they choose to use. Follow my adventures at: Check out my site missdollreviews.

Guest blog: My first experience with sex toys for couples

I love a good ‘first’ – first kisses, first shags, first time-I-felt-in-loves, and all the other glorious moments of discovery when we find a new thing that makes our pulses race. This week, Miss Doll Reviews is here to talk about sex toys for couples – including the first time she tried out sex toys with her partner. If you’d like to read more of her sex toy reviews, visit her website at that previous link, and follow her on Twitter and Instagram. Meanwhile, enjoy her guest blog, and feel free

A Sex Toy Tester's Tips for Erectile Dysfunction

The word men is used in this piece. I left it as such because it’s a good critique of toxic masculinity. While many penis owners who aren’t men, everyone winds up harmed from toxic masculinity. Talking about erectile dysfunction can be intimidating. Sadly, men are taught from their teen years that they need to always be strong, masculine, sexual potent. Even if we discount serious ED issues caused by health problems – which should be talked about by doctors – performance letdowns happen.You ma